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Product Code: Brevet - A Parachuting Odyssey, Book by Doug Peacock
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Doug Peacock was a Parachute Jumping Instructor in the Royal Air Force for over twenty years. He qualified as a HALO instructor and spent four years on the Falcons Display Team before becoming Chief Instructor for the RAF Sport Parachute Association. On retiring from the Service, he was appointed National Coach to the British Parachute Association and from 1982 to 1988 he was National Coach in the Sultanate of Oman. He has been a member of the British Team at eight World Championships as competitor, oach, judge and team manager. He is the holder of the Air Force Medal and the FAI Paul Tissandier Diploma. He is currently a BPA Advanced Instructor, Examiner and FAI judge. He also sits on the Executive Commitee of the PJI Canopy Club Association.

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