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Product Code: Overdose G3 Cutaway System
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The Overdose Industries non-destructive G3 helmet cutaway is, to our knowledge, the best G3 helmet cutaway system on the market. Now in its second generation the release system actively clears the closure system from the helmet (removing both the chinstrap and the cinch-line that runs around the back of the head) completely opening up the helmet and allowing it to come off your head with the least amount of resistance possible. Ground tests have show the helmet to come off  with as little as 2kg of weight attached to a GoPro mount. A side benefit from the cutaway is a stiffened chin section making the G3 a more stable platform for cameras.

Flying in the tunnel? Just tuck the handle up inside the liner and you're good to go (though always check with your tunnel instructor).

The system takes between 20 and 30 minutes to install with easy to follow video instructions and some tools supplied. You will need your own 3mm hex key and a marker pen. Best of all there is no need to drill holes or otherwise damage your helmet!

Watch the instructions here.

Please note you use your current clip from your G3 helmet, you do not receive a red one like in the photo. 

NB: If you’re jumping with a camera on your head you should know the risks and are comfortable with them. NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE IS OFFERED AND NO LIABILITY IS ACCEPTED. This product is in no way associated with Cookie or any other helmet company.

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