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The Daedalus Matrix2 is a next generation 5-cell competitive CF canopy using proven cross brace technology with fewer lines. It opens great, flies solid, handles hard docks and keeps flying no matter what.

This wing revolutionises the idea of how a CRW canopy should land. There is tons of flare even on straight in approaches. The harness is super responsive. The rears have lots of range in them, are easy to land with and give you another powerful tool to use in the air.

Aussie CRW Team Ookoonono have been doing 270 to 630 approaches with the wing and say they land almost as well as a crossbraced sports canopy.

It's truly the 5-cell that lands like a 9-cell.

The trim is not set too steep but the reduced drag still means that the Matrix2 dives more than a 7-Cell. The result is that the wing can be flown efficiently with a small amount of brakes and you just need to release it to accelerate.

The canopy is responsive on all inputs, the fronts are light and the rears have tons of power and range. The openings are firm but not slammers and are reliable and consistent with high wing loadings.

We know it's a bold move for a conservative market but it's a change we are proud to sign our name to.

You've got nothing to lose except a couple of cells!

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