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Leia just grew up and got even more spectacular. All the elegance and grace of a princess, with the raw power of a Queen. We call her SLeia.

The voice in our head that spurs us on. The ambition to give our all. The insatiable hunger for more. These were the motivations behind her design.

With SLeia we've achieved something really special. We've stayed true to the heart of what Leia is, but at the same time reinvented her.

How so? In the details there is a touch more precision, power and aggressive attack. Her ostensibly unsurpassable performance potential has been turned up a notch or two.

Leia has always promised performance. SLeia keeps that promise in an exceptionally impressive way: with mini ribs, a new trim, and full sail construction.

If a princess isn't enough for you, SLeia is your Queen.

This wing has been a concept for a while. We wanted to deliver the ultimate Leia experience, adding to our range of hyper performance wings.

She's made from 100% polyurethane coated nylon (sail). As with Petra and Sofia, this delivers the best overall performance of any fabric.

We changed more than just the fabric. There are mini ribs, a steeper trim and no attachment point. Vectran 300 comes standard. If you like a little more girth to your lines, you can opt for Vectran 400. A combination of breathtaking performance and efficiency. Sporty. Distinctive.

The SLeia Package

She's not the cheapest lady on the market, but she's the full package. What you get:

  • Sleia
  • Custom SLeia RDS
  • Spare lineset
  • SLeia tee

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