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The zkulls3N is our latest quick attachment system. Some years ago we thought it would not be possible to increase the precise function of the former zkullsTM. As technologie ticks on, we are now manufacturing the zkulls3N on latest CNC machinery made in Germany and the result is what we now call perfect. Lighter, with top precision and a nice technical design in brushed aluminium finish. The zkulls3N can hold any stills and/or video camera and is the ideal solution for a quick and easy attachment of external head gear devices.
When side mounted, the user can choose from 3 angles. Neutral, +15º and -15º. A high precision locking system guarantees exact function. The zkulls3N installs flush into all flat surfaces larger than 65 x 65mm.

Careful: We have been approached by several buyers of zkulls attachment copies. We can not accept complaints for non original zkulls products. Copied systems in the market are not our high precision made in Germany. If the attachment system's finish is not "Brushed Aluminium" colour or "golden" colour, then it's not an original.

  • Plugs and cables
  • Headsets
Attach quickly:
  • Digital camcorders
  • Stills cameras
  • Lights
  • Torches
  • Navigation systems
  • Switches and cables
Use it to:
  • Film sports activities like skiing, cycling, climbing, surfing, motorbike, freefall.
  • Adapts quickly to different purposes

Insert: 42 mm circular diameter, 8 mm depth
Outside diameter of integration kit: 64 mm
Weight: 41 gr.

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