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The Synchro jumpsuit is probably the best possible technical result available on a skydiving suit! Designed with the support with the best skydivers worldwide, this jumpsuit evolved to a product with unique and unsurpassed performances. Teams using this jumpsuit agree in recognizing that competition performances are amplified by our design Total Blast power and reactivity, as well as by the adoption of different fabrics distributed according to aerodynamics. Both of these features assure higher sensitivity that are traduced into rapid and effective movements.

Features like care in manufacturing and use of specific fabrics and threads, help in delivering a jumpsuit that's robust long lasting, keeping its initial flight characteristics for hundreds of jumps.

The many jumpsuit variations, the applicable options, the accurate manufacturing using advanced CAD/CAM techniques combined with laser cutting systems, assure a product to fit all the custom requests with the same care, with a result that will always match your expectations.

Other Parasport jumpsuits also available, custom made to order.

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