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A CYPRES needs the factory maintenance 4 years and 8 years after the date of production (e.g. the unit is produced 08/2011: 1st maintenance is due 08/2015, 2nd maintenance is due 08/2019). The total lifetime is 12 years + max. 6 months, so the units do not need a 3rd maintenance. However, to avoid any inconvenience, there is a leeway of plus/minus 6 months in which the maintenance will be performed. This means that the maintenance for a CYPRES manufactured in 08/2011 can be performed from 02/2015 at the earliest until 02/2016 at the latest.

The service price includes maintenance and shipping to and from Airtec in Germany and also includes VAT.

Please send your Cypres unit to Point Zero Ltd, Hinton Airfield, Steane, Brackley, Northants, NN13 5NS or alternatively drop it in to us to be removed from your rig. The cost for servicing is payable to Point Zero Ltd, Please contact them for more info on 01295810600 or 

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