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FS jump suits for beginners and experienced formation skydivers are made to measure and can be customised right through to the competition suit.

Only extremely durable nylon or 65/35 polyester-cotton materials are used in the production. Our complex finishing techniques guarantee a long life. 4-Thread safety-stitching on the inside, step-stitching and 3-stitch zigzag outside. Bar-stitching on all loading points. Good freedom of movement due to stretch material, (spandex) in the back area. All reinforcements and grips are made from hard wearing parapack. Basic version with outside arm and leg grips, one inside pocket. The suit is built according to the customer’s measurements and choice of colours. For the front side, there are 2 materials with different values of wind resistance to choose from. The choice of material can influence the rate of fall. Nylon suits have a smooth surface and therefore a faster rate of fall than polycotton suits.

There are also 2 different styles of lower arm to choose from: Tight fitting spandex arms, or looser fitting polycotton arms with a lot of material also regulate the fall rate. Tight fitting spandex lower arms have a faster fall rate than polycotton ones.

Three different fittings are offered; the choice also influencing the fall rate. Dependant on body size and mass, you can adapt yourself to your "playmates". We recommend tight fitting nylon suits for light ladies, loose polycotton suits for the large, heavy men, and extra wide fitting suits for the real heavyweights. Tight fitting suits have a faster fall rate than loose fitting suits!


  • High collarCompared with the normal V-collar, the high collar is closed around the whole neck (up to the larynx).
  • Swoop cords are hand loops, which enable the jumper to tension the generously dimensioned material in the upper body area like a wing – for heavy jumpers! Swoop cords are not an option on tight fitting suits.
  • Slip-on Arm sleeves are pull over polycotton sleeves to put on over spandex lower arms and enable the jumper to choose between a faster or slower fall rate. They are attached to the arms at the elbows with press-studs.
  • Inside leg grips are attached to the inside leg at knee height and are a necessity for teams and competition formation skydiving.
  • Team grips have a diameter of approx. 4 cm, standard grips have a diameter of approx. 3 cm. Thick grips have especially proven themselves in 4 and 8-way teamwork.
  • Soft grips have a more flexible filling and enable the competition jumper better grip and the best freedom of movement.
  • Two colored grips are split lengthways and add a colourful contrast.
  • Seat reinforcements and knee reinforcements are made of parapack and protect the suit from wear and tear when sitting and kneeling in the aircraft, when landing and packing.
  • Knee pads are finished with a special foam and protect the delicate knee area when jumping, landing and packing – originally designed for tandem masters "working suits".
  • Wide leg with elastic finish is an extra long and wide leg cut designed to fall over the shoe like a bell. It is an option very heavy jumpers like to use for extra wide jump suits instead of booties. Due to the high volume of material, the fall rate is reduced and more forward pressure produced.
  • Leg zippers allow you to open the suit at the lower leg on hot summer days. Putting on the jump suit while wearing sport shoes is only possible with wide cut suits.
  • Booties are fitted out with anti-skid synthetic soles and side zippers. They are pulled over the shoes. Due to their large surface area and rudder-like effect, booties achieve the highest level of performance for turning and forward movement.
  • Rushorders are finished in half the normal delivery time.

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