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The ōm-7’s multi stage controlled deployment sequences will allow you to fly your wingsuit and experience worry-free, soft, on-heading openings. Peace of mind to conclude your wingsuit flight. Namaste.

ōm-7 Characteristics:

Recommended Wing Loading: 0.75 - 1.60 PSF

The ICARUS WORLD ōm-7 is a 7-cell, semi elliptical tapered canopy specially designed and engineered for wingsuit pilot, but it's also suitable for all skydivers looking for the reliable performance of a contemporary 7-cell canopy.

His hybrid* construction (ZP, F-111), 2+3+2 nose configuration (external inlets partially closed, central inlet fully open) and parabolic low distortion reinforcement tapes allows the ōm-7 to deliver all you would ever wish for from a top-notch wingsuit canopy:

  • Soft, on heading openings
  • Low pack volume
  • Great flight performances
  • Powerful flare

The RESULT is a "fun-to-fly", enjoyable, practical, easy to pack, outstanding 7-cell wingsuit canopy as well a parachute with enlightened performance for all other facets of modern skydiving.

* Optionally available in full ZP

When you order online, we will contact you to discuss your colour choices etc prior to taking payment. In the meantime, please Contact Us if you require further information.

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