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Exactly 4 years after the introduction of our innovative G3 container, Mirage Systems is very proud to introduce to you the latest generation of skydiving technology, Mirage G4.

During two years of development we looked at every minute aspect of the G3 with a skeptical eye. Our goal, as always, was to present to our customers a product of uncompromising quality, functionality and value. The results are major advances in comfort, safety, ease of use, aerodynamics, fit and rigger-friendliness.

The most obvious feature of the G4 is its new shape. We tapered the main container to improve aerodynamics and ease of packing. We also shortened the reserve container, and made it slightly thicker at the shoulders. The result is a more streamlined and integrated shape which also provides some subtle functional improvements. The tapered main is easier to pack because the bag rotates more easily into the pack tray than it does into a flat main container. The tapered semi-split deployment bag also makes it easier to control the main while packing.

The shortened reserve offers a smaller reserve pin cover flap that is very easy to preflight yet stays in place just like the G3 reserve pin cover flap. Inside the reserve, the G4 adds a Parapak molar bag for ease and consistency of packing. The G4 retains the well-respected Mirage reserve pilot chute.

At the top of the reserve, a new yoke/pin cover design provides a simpler structure over the shoulders, resulting in a more flexible and comfortable fit. The yoke is narrower and the outside edge of the yoke has been softened, for comfort and flexibility. The new ring covers are redesigned for easy field replacement.

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