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In 1994, Relative Workshop (now called United Parachute Technologies) unveiled the Vector 3 Harness/Container system - the first FreeFly rig on the market. This new design incorporated concepts that originated through years of research and development, and was introduced to meet the demands of modern SkyFlying.

In 1999, using the latest technology and the knowledge Relative Workshop gained in building the Vector III, we designed a container system aimed towards the growing trend of smaller canopies, the Micron- the most technically advanced harness and container system in the world. Relative Workshop did this by hiring a team of engineers never seen before in the arena of sport skydiving. These engineers, who happen to be world-class competitive skydivers, reviewed our systems designs and applied sound engineering practices to them. In doing this they were able to improve the function of the Vector III riser covers, pin protection, comfort and the operation of the three-ring release system.

In February of 2002 they introduced the Vector 3 M-Series an update to the "classic" Vector III. The M-Series improves the function of the Vector III riser covers, pin protection, comfort, the operation of the three-ring release system and is designed to accommodate larger canopy sizes to that of the Micron.

Additional Options available:

  • 3D Spacer-foam back pad (see picture)
  • Magnetic Riser covers (see picture)
  • Hip rings
  • RSL & Skyhook
  • Easy-grip dive loops
  • Riser housing
  • Black hardware
  • and lots more!

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