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The newest member of the Tear Drop family the 'Viper'. With all the strengths, qualities and reliability of the original the 'Viper' offers new features not available on the Superfly. A new shaped backpad offering curved sides and bottom flaps with lateral strap construction that expose from the back pad of the main container, rather than at the corner sides, enabling the rig to contour to the jumper at the lower back more effectively. With foamed padded leg and back pads for unsurpassed comfort. A contoured yoke allows the harness to come over the shoulders and curve inwards towards the chest for a perfect fit. Manufactured cypres ready, the 'Viper' includes in its standard features pricing, parapack or cordura fabric, full stainless steel hardware including hip rings, retractable pilot chute with either hackey sack or freefly pad, main bag, free bag, reserve pilot chute, main and reserve risers with toggles (main velcro free) and hook knife.

Fabrics available, Cordura, Parapack, Alien Skin, Alcantara and Leather.

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