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Manufactured in USA by Rigging Innovations

The CURV 2.0 is the flagship of the Rigging Innovations product line and is the most technically advanced skydiving container system in the world. The CURV 2.0 is the 4th generation of what began with the Talon 1 in 1985, to the Flexon and the invention of the articulated harness in 1992, through the radically aerodynamic Voodoo in 2000, and now has culminated in the most aerodynamic and ergonomic container system ever. Mating the Bio Yoke and Bio Curv back pad container designs with the latest generation articulated harness, results in a system the makes all others obsolete, including our previous RI designs. The adaptability of these two concepts is without a doubt the most comfortable skydiving rig you will ever jump. The new RI MOJO Mard system is available as an option or can be easily retrofitted without any modification to the harness and container.

Container highlights

  • Eliminates the gap between the rig and your back by curving to conform to your body
  • Specially designed end tabs that result in a lower profile of the main container

Harness highlights

  • The upper harness is built from TY-8 webbing for comfort and flexibility.
  • Stainless steel hardware is standard for looks and durability.
  • All housings are completely fabric-covered for looks, and utilize stainless steel clamps for security.

Bonus/accessories highlights

  • BOC stowage flap helps; with hackey-handle placement for a more consistent pull.
  • "Sure-Grip" emergency handles provide extra assurance for those times you really need it.

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